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Business Without The Buts

Nov 1, 2021

Cassandra and Monica talk about a top passion of theirs as marketers: doing it holistically *chime*. Once upon a time you started a business online and now you want it to last. Holistic marketing is here for that and to help you with less burn out and more moving parts working for you in your business in the background.

They dive into the foundation and building blocks of creating a holistic marketing method. Starting with brand messaging: what it is, how it informs content, and why repeating yourself is pivotal to having a business that clicks and generates sales. They also talk about business and marketing goals and how they inform everything you do in your business.

They talk about how they didn't get into business to be content creators and most of the time you don't have to create as much content as you might thing. social media isn't meant to be the beginning and end of marketing. The long-form content comeback is real and we're done giving sooooo much content without compensation. You too? Enter: holistic marketing and how it can help you do less and grow more!

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