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Business Without The Buts

Nov 1, 2021

Cassandra and Monica welcome Kat to a little business petty party about Instagram, online business, bro marketing and much more. They're going pure petty, and the tea could not be strong enough.

They're fired up, ya'll! Always ;), but especially this episode. Transparency is key and they're calling out that there isn't enough of it with some sass (in true BNB fashion) and spicy language. They talk about the "rules" of business, why they don't work for everyone, and that the "rules" don't actually matter most of them time.

They're spilling the tea on topics like outsourcing (CEO vibessss, right? Mehhhh), social media silver bullets (why aren't we making $10k after one month?), and websites (Cue people telling you that you don't need a website when they have one).

Join us for the petty partyyyyyyy!

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