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Business Without The Buts

Nov 8, 2021

To wrap up Season 2, Cassandra and Monica are going meta! They revisit topics from this season and summarize our key takeaways from our conversations.

A lot has changed in a year (we launched season one in Oct 2020), and they reflect on how that's impacted them and their clients. Business and life changes often, and...

Nov 1, 2021

Cassandra and Monica talk about a top passion of theirs as marketers: doing it holistically *chime*. Once upon a time you started a business online and now you want it to last. Holistic marketing is here for that and to help you with less burn out and more moving parts working for you in your business in...

Nov 1, 2021

Cassandra and Monica welcome Kat to a little business petty party about Instagram, online business, bro marketing and much more. They're going pure petty, and the tea could not be strong enough.

They're fired up, ya'll! Always ;), but especially this episode. Transparency is key and they're calling out that there isn't...